Boy born prematurely recovers at West Texas Rehab Center

Abilene_The West Texas Rehab Center in Abilene treats more than 20,000 patients per year from near and far - some as far away as Lawton. Patients are young and old, an 21-month-old Cameron Wade is one of them. Cameron was born 12 weeks early, and suffered from a severe had bleed - one of the highest grades of the condition the staff had seen.

Cameron's developmental progress is slower than most children his age, so twice per week he receives speech and motor skill therapy at the rehab center. The center prides itself on its ability to provide a variety of services such as: occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy. Sometimes patients can go through all of their therapy sessions in one trip.

Because of access to a variety of treatment, Dani Wade - Cameron's mother - is optimistic about his future. Hopefully, by the time he starts kindergarten, he'll be on the same level as other children ,and he won t have to worry about being behind," she said.

The West Texas Rehab Center will have its annual telethon Saturday night on your 7News station. This is the rehab center's primary fundraiser, held each year. Last year they raised more than $1 million. It will air from 7PM until midnight, and 7News will take a break for the 10PM newscast. Then, the fundraiser will continue. For more information, please visit