High speed police chase in Lawton

Police took Dwayne Smith into custody
Police took Dwayne Smith into custody

Lawton_A traffic stop on a stolen car turned into a high speed chase Saturday afternoon in Lawton. It all started when a police officer pulled over the driver.  Police said he sped off and led officers on a high speed chase for several minutes, weaving through streets and neighborhoods in south Lawton.  During the pursuit, investigators said he tried to get rid of some incriminating evidence, before ditching the car and taking off on foot. But police caught him and found exactly what he threw from the car.

Turns out, he already had warrants for his arrest. He was wanted for drugs and stolen property already.  Now, he has even more to add on to that list--starting with the car he stole Saturday morning.  "An officer on patrol spotted the car in front of him, initiated a traffic stop, tried to talk to the individual, but the individual put it in gear and started to drive off," said Captain Rusty Wright from the Lawton Police Department.

Police said Dwayne Smith of Lawton sped off as police chased him up and down Lee Boulevard and many of the side streets. Along the way, they say he disposed of over a half pound of marijuana and a 9 millimeter pistol, all the while attracting the attention of a lot of people standing around. "Just playing a little bit of pool and then I hear sirens and everything and then a little bit of crash and then the car behind us jumps the curb. A cop tries to block the guy in after he tries to run out and gets out of the car and takes off over here behind the alley," said witness Christopher Sharp.

All Sharp could think to do after the car crashed into the Zoo Too parking lot was to help Lawton Police catch Smith. "Yeah I was running with the cop yeah trying to chase the guy down. Trying to stop the guy." Because as bad as he thought it already was, he said, if they didn't catch him, it could only get worse. "I don't like it, I'm just glad I was here when I was, it could have been worse, it really could have."

Police cornered Smith and took him into custody. He's being held at the Lawton City Jail where he's facing a number of charges in addition to those he already had.