Oklahoma conjoined twins separated

Oklahoma City_Conjoined twins born Oct. 25 have been separated by surgeons at OU Medical Center during an operation that remains ongoing early Monday afternoon.  Hospital spokesman Allen Poston says Preslee Faith Wells and Kylee Hope Wells, who had been joined at the chest since birth, were separated at 12:14 p.m., a little more than an hour after the operation began.

The process involved splitting the girls' livers and a tissue bridge that connected them.  Poston says that after the girls were separated, they were placed on their backs on separate beds in the operating room so that the surgical team, led by David Tuggle and Cameron Mantor, could begin the closing process. The operation is expected to last four to six hours.

Poston says the twins' parents, Stevie Stewart and Kyle Wells of Calumet, are "very emotional'' and surrounded by about 25 family members and friends in a waiting room at the hospital.

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