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Cameron University celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Lawton_ Cameron University held their 25th annual Martin Luther King Jr. celebration, complete with a panel discussion that included poet Dr. Nikki Giovanni. The poet has won numerous awards including being named "Woman of the Year" by three different magazines.

   She was not the only one who was recognized at the event, local writers and artists won awards for their works. Arthur Abdon won an award for his art piece that showed Barack Obama and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. sitting in the Oval Office having a discussion about his upcoming presidency. "I thought it would be great to have President Obama sit with Martin Luther King and get some advice from him on this day," Abdon said.

   Lawton High School student Rufus Lindsey also won an award for his essay about Dr. King and the people of the world working together as a whole. He said the celebration was not only for African-Americans. "I think it is a celebration for America as a whole because we all benefit from the things that Dr. King went out and tried to accomplish. He preached about integration and us all being as one, and everyone benefits from that, not just the Black community," Lindsey said. Cameron University student Chinnie Burford also won an award for her essay.

   This celebration is especially important because it comes on the eve of Barack Obama's inauguration. Even though Tuesday's event is a huge accomplishment there is still more that has to be done. "We are going to integrate along racial lines which is actually becoming the least of it. We are going to integrate along religious lines which is going to be extremely hard," Dr. Giovanni said.

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