Comanche County grassfire destroys land, trailers, barn

Comanche County_Yet another grass fire roared out of control on Wednesday, burning up two trailers, a barn, and 20 acres of land in Southwest Comanche County at Southwest Coombs and Post Oak Roads and became an even bigger challenge for firefighters after it jumped a road.  As a 7News crew arrived, flames still were shooting out of structures on the property.  For a time the blaze was so intense that officials say they were worried about it spreading to nearby power lines.

Fire officials say that continuing dry conditions fed the grassfire, and say that the wind picked up embers and blew them across the road, starting a new fire.  Although they are unsure of the original cause, they say it could have begun in the hot grass around some abandoned vehicles.

Three fire departments- Indiahoma, Geronimo, and Cache - sent with at least 30 firefighters who battled the blaze.  After about 25 minutes, only a portion of the fire was extinguished.  Firefighters say it was the burning abandoned structures that were the toughest to put out.  The property owner lives offsite, and Cache Fire Chief Dale Winham says the investigation is fresh and it still is too early to determine whether the fire was suspicious.  "Certainly we want to look for a burn barrel, or spark, or some type of open flame that might have started this fire," he said.

Comanche County officials say they are worried that fires such as this could become routine.  "The fires will become very explosive over the next couple of days," said Emergency Management Director Clint Wagstaff.  "We need to be very careful about what we're doing outside."

A neighbor who lives near the property says he has not noticed anything suspicious, and that the area is so flat that anyone who was loitering easily could have been seen.