22-year-old man accused of lewd acts to child

Lawton_22-year-old William Martson was already accused of raping a man.  On Wednesday, in Comanche County District Court, he is charged with what some would consider much worse - molesting a child.  Already charged with one count of forcible sodomy with an adult male victim, he faced a charge Wednesday for lewd acts to a child.  Details of the incident are graphic, and police and prosecutors will not reveal all of the allegations against Martson, but they could come out in court.

Security was tight - primarily for his protection - as William Martson, II, was escorted into - and out of - Comanche County court for his arraignment.  Police say they were interviewing in connection with a rape earlier this month when his name surfaced in a child molestation investigation.  Police say they put two-and-two together and connected the incidents.  "Saw that another case came in, put two plus two together, and said, 'Hey, these two could be connected,'" said Lawton Police Department Deputy Chief Michael Johnson.

Police say that after they spoke with Martson, they worked hard to get him to confess.  They say they believe that the evidence they have gathered is sufficient to prove the allegations are true and press charges.  "Because the victim in this case is a minor, I do not want to go into the details, or the circumstances, surrounding the charge," said Comanche County District Attorney Robert Schulte.  "We believe the evidence is sufficient to prove each of the charges we're filing today."

Court records indicate that the victim is an eight-year-old Lawton boy, and Martson admitted to molesting him on two separate occasions, at two separate locations.  Investigators say the victim provided information about the molestation during a forensic interview where the child was allowed to draw pictures of what he said happened between he and the accused.

Authorities say that while it may be difficult for adults to describe distressful or traumatic situations, it's even more difficult for children to express themselves.  "It's difficult for an adult to take the stand in a public courtroom, and talk about things that are distressful to them," said Schulte.  "You ask that of a child, and it's even more difficult.  "Probably the hardest thing we do is deal with children as victims," said Johnson.

A judge has set Martson's bond at $100,000.  If convicted, each of the two charges against him carry up to 20 years in prison.  His bond for the case where he is charged with forcible sodomy remains at $15,000.

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