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Employment down, but temp agencies thriving

Lawton_Although unemployment rates are up in many sectors, that's not the case for temp agencies.  A Lawton temp agency says it has seen a significant increase in the number of people applying for jobs - and, the applicants have found them. 

Anyone who has gone through the stress of getting laid off or losing a job knows that now is not the time to be out of work, but temp agencies say times are looking up.  Last year was tough for Nathan Lee's office and December tends to be a bit slower.  That all changed in January.  "We have gotten busier week after week as far as people coming in and looking for work, as well as companies who are looking for new employees whether that be temporary or permanent positions," he said.

What may be surprising to learn, however, is that even though some companies have had to cut back , they still have jobs that must be done.  "Companies, right now, due to the current economic state, might be going through a hiring freeze, so they can't bring people on," said Lee.  "They still need help in some areas so they can come to us for temporary relief."

Lee says now is a good time to find a temporary employment position.  "Tax season is coming up as well," he said.  "We have some CPA firms looking for help, as well as construction on post.  The overall vibe I get from these companies, and from what I am hearing from them, is that it looks like things are turning around," he said.  "It is a very positive vibe, and I certainly hope so."

Lee says that at least 85% of temporary positions end up being permanent.  That temp job could end up being a career.  If you still are looking for work, Lee says you shouldn't give up.  He says if temp work is available, take the job until something better comes along.  Most agencies will have you complete paperwork, give you a skills assessment test, and interview you about the position you are applying for.

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