Stephens County United Way moves into new digs

Stephens County_For more than 100 years, the United Way has been energizing and inspiring people across the country to make a difference.  In order to better serve their community, United Way of Stephens County has moved to a new location not far from where they have been for the past 15 years.  Not only is it nearby, it's in the same building.  But, they say the small move is a big upgrade.

In its old location, three employees operated in one large room, separated by cubicles.  So, if there were large meetings - which there often were - the work there, and incoming calls were put on hold.  With the upgrade, though, the United Way has actual walls and doors, allowing employees to work simultaneously.

While renovation in the new location is not complete, it's an office space where Stephens County United Way Executive Director Elizabeth Pitts says she is proud to work.  "We did our best with partitions, and separate phones, and separate desk areas, but it really boiled down to we were stumbling over one another," she said.  "We all had to share space, had to share phones...and noise levels."

A revolving door of interruptions led to the necessary move.  "We all have incredibly busy jobs," said Pitts.  "We have more on our plates than we can usually chew and swallow.  "Any interruption to those things going on is a hindrance to us being able to serve the public."  Because of the move, she says they have stopped sharing thing such as office supplies, but more importantly, private information.  "You can actually help someone in the county who is in need, and try to solve a problem for them without really divulging any confidential information," she said.

With the move, the United Way also has managed to make some upgrades.  "We do have things like phones with intercoms instead of hollering across the office, and they're cordless so we can walk around the office," she said.  "These are small things that a lot of offices take for granted."

Pitt says the most important part of the move, and renovation, is that they have been able to do so without interruption to their work.  They assist more than one in seven of the 44,000+ residents of Stephens County and she says a slow down in their work pace was not possible.  The move and renovations still are not complete.  Much of that was made possible because of donations from the community.  If you would like to help, call 580-255-3648.