Comanche County fire nearly destroys family's childhood home

Comanche County_For the second time this month, fire has taken its toll on a Texoma family.  This time, the blaze nearly wiped out their childhood home.  Firefighters say a truck was pulling a trailer on Lee Boulevard west of Paint Road in the Cache area, when the tow chain hit the ground and sparked a grass fire late Thursday morning.  The blaze came inches away from burning an abandoned mobile home and travel trailer.  The flames the moved close - too close - to a house on the property.

It's been a rough month for the Jensen family.  Only a few weeks ago, fire destroyed one of the family-member's mobile home just down the street from Thursday's fire.  Fortunately firefighters were able to save a piece of their family history this time.

When Dorothy Jensen saw the thick black smoke from miles away, she knew her childhood home was going to be a pile of rubble by the time she made it to the scene.  "We moved here when I was nine years old, and I'm 54 years old now," she said.  The home had sentimental value for Dorothy.  "This is all we got left of my dad."

Dorothy's father passed away a few years ago, leaving his children his home and keepsakes that were threatened by the flames.  It only took a spark from a chain hitting the road to start it.  "We jumped on it really fast, got our brush trucks in position, and stopped the fire from going to any structure," said Cache Fire Chief Dale Winham.

Winham says every fire is treated as if it were a life-or-death matter.  "We treat every structure as occupied until we find out further," he said.  "We may have a homeless person living in there, so we don't take anything for granted."

Firefighters found the chain that they believe sparked the fire, but they say the driver who was pulling the trailer likely had no clue of the damage it caused.  7News was told that no one was at home when the fire started.  Fire Chief Winham says a family-member usually only stays there part of the time.