Duncan shelter participating in "Change a Pet's Life Day"

Duncan_Dogs are called 'man's best friend,' but that companionship can come with a price tag, even if you adopt one from a shelter.  But, on Saturday, January 24, many shelters nationwide will take part in "Change a Pet's Life Day."  The first ten people to go to participating shelters will get to take a new friend home for free!

Shelters constantly house animals in need of homes.  Sometimes shelters are so full they cannot provide even a temporary home.  At a Duncan shelter, however, the staff believes that it's best to give the animals up for no cost to the adoptive 'parent.'  "We have such an overpopulation of animals and we are completely filled, and it is a good opportunity to let our people adopt an animal," said Betty Burk with Friends of the Humane Society.

Hill's Science Diet is sponsoring the program, and the shelters that are participating Saturday are giving new pet owners more than simply a new pet.  "It's not going to cost them anything," said Burk.  "It will be spayed and neutered just as we do with all of our animals before they are adopted out."  And don't worry about feeding your new friend.  "We have a bag of food that goes with every dog or cat when they adopt them."

While 7News was at the shelter, some purebred Red Healers and their mother were surrendered.  "I don't have room for them, and I am moving back home," said former owner Teresa Gonzalez.  "I want to know that they will get a good home, bringing them here."

Employees at the shelter hope for the best for all animals who need their services.  "I hope they all get adopted - every one of them get a home.  That's my goal," said Lajeana Degar with the Duncan Animal Shelter.

Not everyone can take on the big responsibility of owning a cat or dog.  But, if you are willing to take on a commitment that lasts for years, and have room in your home and heart, go down to your local shelter to find out if it is participating in the "Change a Pet's Life Day."  To find a participating shelter near you, visit www.feedingisbelieving.com.