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Peanut Butter Recall Affecting Texoma

Lawton_There have been nearly 500 cases of salmonella across the country: 2 in Oklahoma, 6 in Texas, and they're all connected to one thing, peanut butter. Now, several brands of crackers, cookies, ice cream, and more have been recalled and pulled off the shelves at many of our nation's retailers.  But many people still have those products in their kitchens at home.  Others may not know better than to eat those nutty treats.

 A Lawton day care isn't taking any chances with this salmonella scare. "We dip our apples in peanut butter and that's kind of an optional thing but we went ahead and took that off the menu just because you never really know and these are other people's children so we want to make sure that we keep them safe," said Pam Kerr of Playcare, Inc.

  The Lawton Food Bank is erring on the side of caution. "Our clientele don't have access to news on a daily basis and so if they don't hear it from places that they go then they don't hear it at all," said Lawton Food Bank Executive Director Jeri Mosiman. Jeri posted a sign warning them of the peanut butter recall. That's not all. "Basically, not giving out anything with any peanut butter products in them whatsoever."

  The day care has no plans of ordering peanut butter anytime soon either. "Not that I want to put the peanut people out of business but I just don't feel safe ordering peanut butter products anymore for a while," said Kerr.

  The list of recalled peanut butter products is a long one, but you don't have to avoid peanut butter altogether. "We recommend that you follow the recall list however if you don't have access to the list, a safer way may be just to avoid some of those products," said County Health Director Keith Reed.

  The peanut butter recall also has many Girl Scout cookie lovers worried about whether Tagalongs or DoSiDos are safe to eat. But 7NEWS talked to one Girl Scout mom who said the cookies are safe to sell and safe to eat.

  To see the list of recalled peanut butter products, click here.

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