Lawton Fire Chief going blue?

Lawton_The Lawton Police Department held their first police academy graduation in nearly 20 years Friday. This year's class is a little out of the ordinary. 6 of the 12 who graduated from the academy are women. That's the most women the Lawton Police Department has ever hired at one time.  In the other half of the class, there's one very familiar face in the City of Lawton. Fire Chief Bart Hadley told 7NEWS the last 21 weeks have been all about juggling his job as Fire Chief and learning the ways of his friends in blue, the police. He's made it through the teasing and the tazing, and said it's all been worth it.

"I've always had a great relationship with my counterparts over there at the police department and I think this enhances that somewhat. I made a bunch of friends," said Chief Hadley. He said he learned a lot too--from the other side of the fence. "Some of the legal block, learning the rights of and how to handle individuals who are under suspicion for arson."

Even though it was long and tough, it was worth every second of it. "At times going through it, it was pretty difficult. The majority of it, I've enjoyed really every minute of it. I really have." He survived the jokes of being the firefighter in the police academy. And his classmates even gave him an award at the end. All a big sense of accomplishment for Chief Hadley.

"I feel very good about it. I think I held my own over there. I think I was sort of singled out in some ways and in fun ways. It's sort of like brothers. Policemen and Firemen are sort of like brothers," said Hadley. And to squash any rumors, 7NEWS asked just how much of a chance there is that he'll be turning in his fire hat for a police cap anytime soon. "Absolutely none. I'm very blessed to kind of fallen into the fire service and I couldn't think of a better career anywhere."

Chief Hadley told 7 news the training will help him understand the job and better assist his brothers in blue. The police chief told 7NEWS he hopes to have a Lawton Police Academy every year. He even hopes to train other police departments' officers through the Lawton Academy one day.