Local coaches react to homicide charge against Kentucky coach

Louisville, Kentucky_ Pleasure Ridge Park High School football coach David Stinson is charged with the death of one of his players. Last summer, 15-year old Max Gilpin collapsed during football practice in Kentucky, he died three days later of heat stroke. Now his coach is being charged with reckless homicide in his death.

"I lost one of my boys. A boy that I loved and that I cared for. A boy that meant the world to me. That's the thing that people forget," Stinson said. The coaches at the school have been accused of denying their players water during a practice where the temperatures reached 94 degrees.

This story has shocked local coaches and they said they take precautions to make sure that their players are taken care of during practice.

"If they need water they get it. We make sure that we communicate that to them before every practice and before the season starts," Eisenhower head football coach Boone Copeland said.

This case could possibly change how football practices are run nationwide.

"I hope there aren't laws that dictate how we practice. I think that you leave it in the hands of professionals and hopefully we do things right," MacArthur head football coach Ernie Manning said.