Oklahoma in for wintry weather

Oklahoma City_Emergency officials are bracing for a winter storm moving into Oklahoma Monday.

There are reports today of light mist freezing on bridges and overpasses in Woodward County in northwest Oklahoma and around Lawton in southwest Oklahoma.

Forecasters say the worst was yet to come and any precipitation will freeze.

The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning from noon today until 6 p.m. tomorrow for most of central and south-central Oklahoma.

Forecasters say accumulations of more than a quarter inch of ice is expected across the southeastern half of the state with up to an inch in some areas. Farther north and west there is a greater chance for sleet or ice pellets rather than freezing rain.

In Oklahoma City, 18 salt crews reported to work at midnight Sunday in preparation for the storm. Emergency officials in Tulsa met yesterday afternoon in advance of the expected winter storm.

And state Department of Transportation spokeswoman Brenda Perry says crews and monitoring state highways and interstates around the clock.

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