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Weather-related wrecks across Lawton

Lawton_The cold and icy weather led to dozens of wrecks across Lawton Monday. They ranged from small fender benders, to rollovers and pile-ups. As of 4:30 p.m., The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said it worked at least 17 wrecks since 6:30 Monday morning. That's not including all the other accidents in town - including rollovers and pile-ups at Sheridan and Rogers Lane and on I-44 and Lee Boulevard on the overpass.

  Another wreck happened on 82nd Street between Cache and Gore. Officials say a pickup truck lost control around a bridge. It slid about 20-feet, collided with an oncoming car and then flipped on its side. A man, woman and baby were inside, but none seriously hurt.

  The City of Lawton says it does not salt and sand the roads until the moisture starts to stick. That's because if they sand too early, the ice will freeze on top of the mixture. Monday afternoon, the city had 7 sand trucks on the road and 1 standing by in case of an emergency.

  Officials warn "black ice" on streets and bridges is virtually impossible to see.

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