Hardware stores busy with winter weather shopping

Lawton_Wintry conditions are keeping local hardware stores busy. There have been so many shoppers, some businesses say they wonder if they'll have enough cold-weather supplies. Sutherland's was stocked up with bags of salt, ice scrapers, and a lot more stock to keep customers shopping. However, just like other stores, if the winter weather continues, the could run out of stock.

Although Sutherland's stocks up on weather supplies, a representative says consumers are buying in bulk. Workers at the hardware store also are noticing that those folks stocking up on sand purchases are having a little bit of trouble driving since it can weight down the back of a vehicle, and cause it to slide. Some customers were taken by surprise, and resorted to using plastic cards, or other tools, to scrape their windshields.

Most are keeping an eye on weather reports, now, and getting prepared. If the icy weather continues, and stores run out of supplies, they say they have a back up plan to send a truck to Wichita Falls for more stock. While it is unlikely hardware stores will run out of supplies, they do say you can use birdseed or cat litter for icy driveways and sidewalks - and, birdseed is eco-friendly. When the ice melts, birds will eat any remaining seeds.

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