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Duncan Police arrest man for church burglaries

Duncan_Duncan Police say they have the man who stole thousands of dollars in equipment from local churches. Police say Christopher Jones of Marlow stole stereo equipment from New Hope Church and Immanuel Baptist Church - both since the first of the year. They say they arrested Jones late Monday afternoon on several charges - including, second degree burglary.

Police say they were lucky to recover as much equipment as they did, and say they plan to find more. When it comes to stolen electronics, police say they have a tough time tracking it down since most folks don't keep track of the serial numbers. However, on Monday, in trip after trip, Duncan Police hauled thousands of dollars in similar electronics stolen from the two churches - audio and visual equipment, laptops, soundboards, televisions, etc.

Additionally, police say there was an attempted burglary on another church, and they say they could all be linked. Police say they were tipped off by Tulsa Police, who said they had seen items pawned there by a Marlow resident who they were attempting to connect to a string of Tulsa burglaries. Police say the serial numbers on a television in Tulsa matched serial numbers from Immanuel Baptist Church.

When they arrived at Jones' home, police say he was watching TV on one of the stolen projectors, and admitted to everything. Authorities say the church was surprised to recover its equipment, and more surprised it was stolen - from a church - in the first place. Jones is being held in the Stephens County Jail, and police say they are trying to connect him with other burglaries.

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