City crews tackle icy streets

Lawton_As winter weather continues roads in Texoma remain slick. The City of Lawton's Streets and Drainage Division will work throughout Monday night and Tuesday morning to make sure roads are coated with a mixture of salt and sand. 7 trucks will be out on the streets.

"Right now the major concern as far as we're concerned, is the bridges refreezing.  We've hit all the bridges again for about the third time today before the trucks came in," said Tony DeGiacomo of Lawton's Streets Division.

Overnight precipitation is expected to pick up, so DeGiacomo and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol advise that you stay off the roads. If you do have to travel, plan ahead, and allow plenty of time.  To check for road conditions, you can call the Oklahoma Department of Transportation at 1-888-425-2385.  If you're going to be driving in Texas, call the Texas Department of Transportation at 1-800-452-9292.