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Tow truck operators work overtime in icy conditions

Lawton_Icy weather has put many area wreckers on notice, and Lawton tow truck operators and wreckers have been working overtime for two days.  There are 18 wrecker services in town, and in only one day, Lawton Police went through the list twice in five hours.  Checker Wrecker says it usually works 18 accidents per day, but on Monday, they were called out 28 times.  From the appearance of their impound lot on Tuesday, quite a few cars ended up there.

Roads continued to be dangerous on Tuesday night, and as of late afternoon, 7NEWS had not come across any bad wrecks.  Checker Wrecker says it was busier yesterday, and perhaps folks are either being more careful, or simpy staying home.

Driver Chris Hills waited for calls for a tow all day, and knew he probably would end up talking with an unhappy person waiting for a truck to arrive.  He said he tries to lift their spirits, though.  "(I) let them know the good side is, if they're in an accident, at least they're still moving and not in the hospital," he said.

Hills says no one ever calls for a tow ‘just because.'  He says when he gets a call, a driver is in trouble and needs help.  Driver Billy Vance says he seen just about everything during his time in the truck, and a day like Monday is when he sees really bad wrecks.  "Worst wreck I saw yesterday was probably at I-44 and Highway 49," he said.  "Out by the Love's, gentleman took the on-ramp onto I-44 way too fast and looked like he flipped it probably two times."

Vance says that as long as the person in need of help is okay, he will give them a lift to where they need to go, and help them find out the next step they'll need to take.  "I like to bring their spirits up, and at that time in their life they're really down, and they don't know what they're going to do...don't know what they need to do."

Late on Tuesday, several wrecking services in Lawton said they had not been on any serious accidents.  They say Monday's ‘black ice' caused a lot of problems, but on Tuesday, some folks confused sleet for snow.  They look the same, but are completely different to drive on.

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