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Freezing temps didn't keep everyone indoors

Lawton_Most schools and businesses were closed on Tuesday, but freezing temperatures didn't keep everyone indoors.  People of all ages took advantage of what little snow fell, and trekked up any steep, snow covered hill.  At Cameron University Stadium, sledders trekked up the hill, only to fly back down to the bottom. 

Some used cardboard, others skateboards and boogie boards.  What was used to go down the hill seemed to vary just as much as the proper technique.  "Keep the front part a little tilted so you don't flip and slide everywhere," said sledder Nicholos Yonning.  "Just keep your balance on your back foot, then keep your nose down," said David Jones.  Any way you choose to slide down, it's guaranteed to be fun, if not always safe.  On Tuesday, fun trumped safety. 

Lawton Fire Captain Ray Collins says it should be a priority, though.  He says the majority of the calls into the station this time of year is for slips and falls.  He says they also get called for sleds being pulled behind cars - which they highly discourage.  "That is illegal - to pull sleds behind cars, we strongly discourage that," he said.  "It's very dangerous."

Collins says that even sledding down hills can be dangerous - but, he has advice.  "Be careful, get in a clear area, don't run over other people that are sliding down the hills," he said.  "There's always a danger that you could hit somebody, break bones, sprain ankles - something along those lines."

Even girls who said safety was not their main concern agreed with Collins' safety tips.  "Don't break your neck!  Watch out for other people on the hill, make sure you're clear, make sure everything is out the way and just hold on," they said.  Parent Clayton Darnell says that if something does happen - Cameron University is right near Memorial Hospital. 

Of all the advice Reporter Sylvia Corkill got about  how to slide down the hill properly, it was to simply hang on.  The fire department encourages everyone to play safely.  One Cameron sledder was taken to the hospital after getting injured going down the hill.
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