Some businesses rake in the dough after winter weather

Lawton_This week's ice storm caused a lot of problems for a lot of people, but others are cashing in on the aftermath.  Across Lawton, several businesses hired folks to remove layers of ice and slush from their parking lots, and body shops are gearing up to repair the damages of dozens of vehicles involved in wrecks.

Certainly car washes will be reaping some post ice-storm profits.  While it may have been too cold on Wednesday to run the car through the wash, some car washes are getting ready for a rush of customers when it warms.

On Wednesday, driving was a bit easier, but parking lots were a different story.  Carwash owner Jim Tippins and his workers used a little elbow grease to clear the path to their carwash, and they said they hope to open on Thursday.  "We'll be busy for the next 10 days probably," he said.  "Any time they throw the salt and sand on the roads, you want to rinse down the undercarriage of your car.  Automatics are the best way to do that - they've got an automatic rinse underneath."

Carwashes aren't the only businesses that intend to make profit from pesky weather.  When it's too cold to dig trenches or tear down houses, some must find another line of work, and help with winter weather cleanup is just what some companies are willing to pay extra for.  "...people go in there and fall in their parking lot, it sure does not look good for public relations," said ice remover Charlie Hale.

Local body shops say it's a guessing game as to how busy they may soon be, if the last big ice storm can be a measure.  A couple of years ago, an ice storm caused a lot of wrecks, and body shops were packed for three or four weeks.