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Altus teen beaming after facial reconstructive surgery

Altus_An Altus teen's life is getting back to normal following major reconstructive facial surgery in December, 2008.  Laura Bacon had radiation treatment on a cancerous tumor behind her eye when she was only four years old.  The treatment stunted some of her growing face, so December's surgery was to repair the damage.

Laura now is back in school and getting back to one of her favorite pastimes - art.  The cancer is gone and she's doing great.  To look at her today, she appears as any other ordinary, active, teenaged girl.  "It's a big relief to me and everyone prayed for me, and helped me," she said.

The last time 7News saw Laura, she was bandaged and swollen.  Now, she's bright-eyed and smiling.  She no longer uses her hair to cover her face, and her Mom, Leslie, says she's pleased with the results of the surgery.  "We're all so thankful our prayers were answered, and there's no limits with God," she said.

Laura says her teachers noticed a difference as well, and one even pulled her out of class to tell her how great she looked.  "He said, ‘Oh my gosh!  Let me see!'"  Laura says people talked to her brother about her appearance, too.  "My brother said a lot of people came up to him and asked how I was doing - people I didn't even know," said Laura.  "For something that wasn't possible when she was little, we're thrilled to be over that hurdle and to know the impossible was done," said Leslie

Laura says she's happy she now is able to focus on the activities she loves - like art.  She has been working on some paintings in her spare time.  She says she's thankful to her mom and sisters for helping her, and cooking for her.  "She made me food," said Laura.  "I'd send it back and tell her I wasn't hungry anymore...she never got frustrated with me."

Laura will have at least one more surgery - perhaps more - and will visit the doctor Monday to get her vision evaluated.  Her mother says she's hoping Laura will be able to get jaw surgery during spring break so she doesn't have to miss school.

Count on 7News to keep you updated on her progress.

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