Pizza preps for Super Bowl

Lawton_Almost 100 million people will gather in front of the TV tomorrow. All to watch Super Bowl 43. And with game-time comes a jumbo case of the munchies. Some popular snacks are chips, wings, and, of course, pizza. So Sunday, pizza joints across the country will be slammed, cranking out a ton of those cheesy specialties for hungry football fans.

It takes a lot of elbow grease to make it.  But it's what millions of Americans will be craving. "They want something hot, finger food, something quick, something yummy," said Pizza Time manager, Delton Willingham.

And to fill all the hungry Lawton bellies, he'll be more than doubling his staff. "Normally on a Sunday, I'll be running 7 drivers, I'm running 16 drivers tomorrow. I usually have like 5 inside workers, tomorrow we've got 11," said Willingham.

He's even bringing some family members from home to try their hand in the pizza kitchen. "It's an assembly line, it's going to be elbow to elbow just people pushing and pulling pizzas down the line. That oven will just be packed full of pizzas constantly for about 4 hours just constantly coming at you, so you don't have time to do anything but just land them and cut them and set them on the rack."

About 25 hundred pizzas, that's how many they expect to send down the oven tomorrow. But they say they're ready. "More flour, more cheese, wings, my dough guys been back there for the last 3 nights cranking out dough. Sauce, so yeah, we've been preparing for it," said Willingham.

And the pizzas will be ready for the delivery guys to sprint out the store to your front door. "The drivers will just be coming in, going out, coming in, and turning around and going back out."

Pizza Time tells 7 News delivery times will also be longer Sunday. So if your wanting your pizza at half-time, plan to order right after the game begins.