Two murder trials set to begin in Comanche County

Two murder trials are set to begin this morning in Comanche County according to the Oklahoma State Courts Network website.

The first Lawton man on trial for murder is Terrance Myers.  He's the man accused of killing James Dubose outside the Night Trips Club in July of 2007.  Investigators said Myers had lured Dubose to the club's parking lot by saying he was out of gas.  Dubose's body was discovered in his car the following morning.

Finally a third murder trial starting up this morning.  Brandon Horne is accused of killing a fellow GEO Prison inmate. Police say Horne and another inmate were trying to extort protection money from Charles Willingham, but he would not pay.  They say that's why they killed him. The other inmate involved was Michael Rose. He pleaded guilty last week to second-degree murder.

Ricky Ray Elvaker's murder trial was also set to begin this morning but has been postponed until June.