Lawton meth lab out of commission, husband and wife arrested

Lawton_A meth lab in a Lawton house in the 2800 block of 23rd Street is out of commission, and a husband and wife are in jail.  A search warrant was served on Friday morning on Shane and Katrina Scott, who were arrested and arraigned Monday afternoon on felony charges.  The work for includes the arrests, with a lot of hard work needed to accomplish the cleanup.

Detectives say this was the first meth warrant served this year, and this particular lab was as dangerous as any they have found.  The house was in disarray, and living conditions were horrible.  "There was dog and mouse feces all over the place," said Lawton Police Special Operations Lieutenant Todd Palmer.  "The house was in total disarray - old spoiled food in the cabinets and around the kitchen."

In addition to the mess, detectives say they found a working meth lab.  "We found a lab used for manufacturing meth," said Palmer.  "Meth itself, marijuana, paraphernalia associated with meth and marijuana."  Shane and Katrina Scott were living there with their three children.  "One of them was very sick," he said.  "We had to seek medical treatment for both the children as a precaution."

Detectives say one child was visibly sick and should have been taken to the doctor days ago.  "He had obvious respiratory illness, kind of like laryngitis," Palmer said.  "It was hard to talk, he was real pasty white, and it appeared to us that he had been sick for quite some time."  All of the occupants of the house were in danger because of the working meth lab.  "The active lab was found in the garage, and the kitchen backed up literally right into that, so the fumes were easily venting into the house."

Of all of the things they found, one thing surprised detectives more than the others.  "One of the things that took us by shock - when we served the warrant it was kind of like just a normal day there was no shock in the kids - no change of expression," said Palmer.  "Obviously, unfortunately, this is what is normal in their life."  The three children were all taken to the hospital to check on their health, and are now in protective custody.  The couple's three large pit bulls were taken to an area shelter.

Shane and Katrina Scott are being charged with manufacturing meth, possession of CDS, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, and child endangerment.  Count on 7News to keep you updated.