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Lawton suspect accused of bungled burglary

Lawton_Police say a Lawton man was coming home to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday when he discovered his home had been burglarized.  When he walked to his back door, he saw that it had been kicked in, and noticed the burglar jumping over his backyard fence.  Police say he called 911 and took after the burglar down an alley, when he heard shots fired.  By then, police say they already were tracking the suspect - 19-year-old Jimmie Smith.

After police say Smith burgled the home of weapons, electronics, and a bucket full of change, they say it weighed the man down so much that he was struggling to escape down an alleyway.  Finally, police say Smith asked a neighbor for help.

Homeowner Lawton Firefighter Brad Milam and his neighbor - Cardinals fan James Jones - missed the first half of the game due to the bungled burglary.  "I looked out the back and noticed my back door was kicked in, and I saw the guy jumping the back fence with my fire department duffel bag full of stuff," said Milam. 

Jones' dog started barking at the back door at a man in his yard, and interrupted the game.  "I thought at first it might be a teenage kid, but when I got there it was a guy with a gun," said Jones.  "I met him at the door and he acted like he was scared to death, someone was shooting at him, he says."

Smith told Jones that someone was shooting at him and his parents.  "He said, ‘I don't want to shoot nobody, don't want no one to shoot me, you can have the gun,' I said, ‘Okay, give it to me.'"  Lawton Police Captain Will Hines says it was a good thing Jones took the gun because moments before, he was the one firing the stolen gun.  "The victim, in this case, saw him jump the fence, and then he saw the shot go off," said Hines.  "At this point we can't say whether he was shooting at the victim, or if he was just firing a round off to scare him."

Jones says he knew Smith was in trouble after he climbed over his locked fence and asked to come inside, and then asked for a ride.  "He said he had his stuff out in the alley, so I told him to go get it, that I would call the police," he said.  "I come back out, and he was gone."

After about a 30-minute search, police say they found Smith in the neighborhood with all of the stolen goods.  They say, however, he never admitted to taking any of it.  Smith has a burglary conviction in Comanche County and now is charged with second-degree burglary, discharging a firearm, and possession of a firearm after a felony conviction.

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