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Lawton Public Schools bad weather make-up days

Lawton_Lawton Public School students won't be staying at home this Presidents' Day -- that's because the school board decided to use that day to make up a day missed last week because of the bad weather.

  LPS cancelled school for 3 days. Two of those will be made up the Friday before Easter and the Monday after -- both of which were built into the district's schedule in case of bad weather. Instead of staff development, Monday, February 16th will be a normal day of class. "Because it is in this same 9 weeks that we missed the day it gives up an opportunity to get that instruction in prior to out state testing which is critical," said Superintendent Barry Beauchamp. Beauchamp adds Presidents' Day was the only day left in the school year that students were not already scheduled to be in class.

  While this year's make-up days seem to be sorted out, Superintendent Beauchamp still supports proposed legislation to rework the way days are made up. An Oklahoma lawmaker wants to expand the options to allow school districts to extend the length of their school days to make up the missed time. Beauchamp thinks it's a good idea with a catch. "It gives us some flexibility because we do have some of the unknowns that crop up.  I would not want that to be abused in a way that schools started extending days to have days off in a week," said Beauchamp. He would like to see a provision within the law that it could only be used to make up lost time due to an uncontrollable instance.

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