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2009 LIHEAP numbers reach record high

Oklahoma City_Press Release_More than 101,500 Oklahoma households received about $15.4 million from the Federal Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program this winter, an increase of about 21,000 households and $6 million over last year's program.

"We received more money this year from the federal government for the energy program and we wanted to reach as many people who are eligible for help with high heating bills as we could," said Cari Crittenden, LIHEAP coordinator, Oklahoma Department of Human Services.

OKDHS extended the application period about a month to ensure that as many eligible participants were able to apply as possible.

"We had reached most of the qualified applicants by our original deadline in December," Crittenden said. "But we wanted to extend our reach as much as possible."

About 17,500 additional applications with a commitment of about $900,000 additional funds were added by the Jan. 16 deadline.

Participants in other programs administered by OKDHS received notification they were eligible to assistance. Other low-income individuals or households were eligible when they received a notice utility service had been terminated or was scheduled to be terminated within 72 hours and they provided verification of Social Security numbers and qualifying household income.

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