County sorting out details after Cavalry announcement

Lawton_Comanche County's Great Plains Coliseum still is adjusting to Monday evening's announcement about the shortened season for the Lawton-Fort Sill Cavalry.  It's where the team plays its home games, and they had six remaining in the season before making the announcement  Monday that it was abbreviated.  The announcement surprised many, but perhaps none as much as Comanche County officials.  The Coliseum now is trying to determine where it will make up all of the lost revenue.

The county had no idea the Cavs' season would be shortened, until the afternoon announcement on Monday.  Cavs fans have grown to love watching their team decked out in their blue and white uniforms, the team's cheerleaders, and great basketball.  Now, the successful season has been cut short by six home games.  "I think it is tragic not only for the loss of the league, but for the fans of Southwest Oklahoma," said Comanche County Commissioner Ron Kirby.  "They were beginning to get behind the Cavs and support them, and it is a sad situation all around."

While it's sad for fans, it could be dire for the Great Plains Coliseum which now will no longer have six nights of revenue coming its way - money it had counted on.  "Right now, there are several options that we are going to pursue," said Kirby.  "First of all, we are going try and rebook events that were scheduled for those particular times."  While no one is sure if it's possible, the county still will work on it.  "We will host some regional and area tournaments," said Trust Authority Chairman David Dorrell.  "I am not quite sure where those will fit in, and what class they are, but they will be in there."

The timing of the announcement made things complicated for Comanche County, and the Coliseum currently is without an executive director as the search continues.  "That has been a lengthy process," said Dorrell.  "We have interviewed several people - many good candidates - and we have gotten that down to about three candidates."  One of the candidates for the position will be named to the post this week.  "We are going to meet Thursday evening - in an emergency meeting at 6:30PM - and we will decide then which one of these candidates we are going to hire about the position," he said.

There are no problems with the Cavs' contract with the coliseum.  "You agree on a rate, and everything has been done so far so there are no problems there," Dorrell said.  Officials will, at very least, be able to solve one problem - in naming an executive director.  Season ticket holders may be reimbursed, receive gift certificates from local businesses, or receive season tickets for next season.

Count on 7News to let you know about the appointment of the new Executive Director of the Coliseum.