Delta making plans to leave Lawton

Lawton_Currently, if you fly out of the Lawton-Fort Sill Regional Airport, you have 2 options: Dallas or Atlanta, American or Delta. You won't have those choices much longer.  Delta announced they will end all service in and out of Lawton at the end of March. Then, your only option will be to Dallas with American Eagle.

The options are slim anyway, but take away half of them and it doesn't get any easier. "If you don't use it, you'll lose it, that's what this is," said Lawton-Fort Sill Regional Airport Manager Barbara McNally. Delta said the Lawton planes aren't filling up and they're losing way too much money. "The military is a huge piece for our traveling public, that's 70 percent of our traffic or more. Without that military piece, I think that's probably what caused the low numbers for Delta."

Delta said their last day will be March 31st. McNally hasn't given up hope. "We're hoping that we might be able to do something to change their mind. And they're not gone yet. Until they take their sign down, they're here."

She says they know the problem and they just have to take steps to fix it. "We can probably turn this around now that we discovered the military issue. When the military logs in to book a flight, the only carrier that pops up is the contract carrier" That contract carrier is not delta. If they can fix that, Delta's flights could fill up again. As of now, Delta says they are leaving and only American Airlines is left to fill in the gaps. "We don't know what days yet, but it's my understanding that american is going to be putting on additional jets in this market," said McNally.

This isn't the first time delta has come and left from Lawton-Fort Sill Regional Airport.  When Delta left in 2001, American Airline's ticket prices went up. Officials and passengers hope that won't happen this time around.

7NEWS contacted Delta Airlines' corporate office to find out what they'll do for passengers that have flights scheduled after March 31st. They have not returned our calls.