Some Elmer residents say vicious dogs are on the loose

Elmer_In Elmer, Oklahoma, in Jackson County, residents say three dogs have been terrorizing her neighborhood for weeks and  killing geese, goats, and scattering garbage.  But, the dogs' owners - the Loudermilks - say their boxers are not vicious at all, and 7News Reporter Garret Krier even got to pet the dogs.

Derrick Loudermilk says his dogs are gentle enough to interact with his son.  "I got a two-year-old son, and I got two boxers around, and they don't bother him," he said.  But, the pictures of dead geese and a dead goat tell a different story to Jackie Drone.  She says she woke up to a huge ruckus in the middle of the night to find three dogs attacking her goat, and two of them were the Loudermilk's boxers.  "One was at its throat, and the other was at its back, and they were just tugging on her," she said.

Jackie says the goat died the next day, and says her family also has lost two geese to the dogs.  Joe Drone says he took the bodies of the dead animals and gave them to the owners of the dogs.  "I told them, 'I don't deal in dead animals.'  I got some live ones, but..."  He says he asked for reimbursement for the dead animals and the Loudermilks refused.

A few days ago, Jackie Drone says one of the dogs tried to attack another one of her goats - a goat weighing 250 pounds.  She says she was able to scare the dogs away, but not before they injured the goat's hind leg.

Disabled Veteran Mielie Good says the dogs aren't only attacking animals, and they set their sights on her on Tuesday night when she tried to defend her animals.  "That dog turned to attack me and I went, 'Whoa!!' to get out of its way," she said.  Later that night, Good says the dogs came back, and she was forced to defend her property.  "I had to shoot it - I can't have it!" she said.  "They can't destroy any more of the animals!  It hurts me to do this.  I've been sick in my soul ever since.  I would think they're vicious - and we have little kids running around here."

The Loudermilks say the dog that was not shot was not theirs, and the Sheriff's Department says it's legal for someone to shoot an animal on their property.  The problem that remains is that the small Jackson County town does not have a police force or animal control officer - there is no money to support them.  The Jackson County Sheriff's Department says there's only so much it can do.