Lawton High raising money for renovations

Lawton_Lawton High is the oldest high school in Lawton. Through the years, there haven't been many changes or upgrades. So when the gym fills up for home basketball games, fans jump up and down in the same rickety stands as the fans in the fifties. The bleachers are barely still standing and not very safe to sit on, much less stand and shout. So, the Lawton High Alumni Association hopes to give the bleachers and the gym a facelift.

"The wood is worn out, there are no side rails, people could be sitting on the top bleacher and they could fall off, so it's a safety issue, they cannot be pushed in or out anymore because they are wielded out," said Lawton High Athletic Coordinator Lee Curtis.

Curtis says the oldest gym in town hasn't had any updates since it was built. Both newer high schools in Lawton, Eisenhower and MacArthur, have had some work done in the gym foyers. Eisenhower got a new floor, too.

"Long overdue, compared to other schools in our own community, in our own county, we need to step it up a notch, and show that we can compete and we have pride and loyalty as well," said LHS Alumni Association President Kelly Longfellow.

The LHS Alumni Association hopes to raise a $100,000 dollars to fix the problems that have been neglected for so long.  "When people come here, you want them to see what you're all about at the school and we don't want them to think we are ghetto like our facilities," said LHS junior Lacy Reinke.  "I just hope the best for the school and the program and the bleachers can definitely help that and everything around," said LHS senior Will Reinke.

The bleachers, trophy cases, paint, and player chairs are all on the list of renovations. "It will just give us a sense of pride at this school to know that our gym does match what we want to do here. We always want to be successful. We want to look that way to others whenever they come in," said Lacy Reinke.

The LHS Alumni Association hopes to raise all the money by this year's graduation. They hope to have all the renovations complete by the start of the 2009 school year. If you would like to donate to the Lawton High gym renovation fund, you can call the school at 355-5170 or send an e-mail to