New face of Lawton

Lawton_Members of Lawton Beautiful thought a buffalo was the obvious choice for the face of Lawton. Now they hope to fill the city with life-size buffalo statues that will become the symbol of Lawton.

Wichita falls has its horses. Tulsa has its penguins. But Lawton has still been looking for its symbol. Look no further..."We see so many because of the wildlife refuge and their herd of buffalo up there. And I think people use them as icons. One of the banks has it as their logo. And we've seen them in the newspaper quite a bit lately. And I think it would just be a good representation of our area. That buffalo will be our icon," said Lawton Beautiful's Dr. Rosemary Bellino.

For about $1,500 dollars, people can sponsor a life-size buffalo statue to go up in Lawton. "We're going to shoot for as many as we can get. We would like to have businesses sponsor them. I'm putting one up at my office. And we're going to have one in our new signage at the airport," said Dr. Bellino.

When people come and go, they'll remember Lawton by its uniqueness and by the buffalo. "It gives people the idea that when they pass through Lawton that yep there's buffalo there, I recognize Lawton."

Like the buffalo roaming the refuge, you won't miss these cast aluminum sculptures. "They look like buffalo. And they're life-size. They're very heavy. It takes 6 people to lift them up."

Bellino hopes to put the buffalo at Elmer Thomas Park along with many other landscape designs throughout the city. "Wherever we can get them. Whoever wants to sponsor them. We will be happy to help with that." Dr. Bellino has the spot ready for her buffalo outside her office. She says there are already 5 others around town ready for their buffalo, too.