Waurika general store armed robbery

Waurika_When most think of an armed robbery, they think big city, big bank, and big money. In a small town like Waurika, you wouldn't expect such a crime. So when a man walked into the markette with a shot gun and ski mask, a worker thought he was joking. She had no idea what was about to happen -- and that she would later be called a hero.

The Markette's Owner, Charlotte Knuston, says after 18 years of owning it, she never thought this would happen, especially when her granddaughter was working.   Her granddaughter, Abby, had seen the truck before. She said the driver usually came through the drive-thru. But then she heard the front door open. "So, she turned back around and when she turned back around the young man was there in a ski mask, pointing a shot gun at her," said Knuston.

She says he chambered a round and Abby did exactly what he asked. She filled a bag with about $800 cash and all the checks. He took off and she reacted. "Called 911 and went to the drive thru window to see where they were going," said Knuston.

Had it not been for her quick thinking, Waurika's Police Chief Earnest Tolle, might not have known where to find them. Tolle took off down Highway 79. It wasn't long before he began pursuing a truck matching Abby's description. He caught up to the truck across the texas border and held two men until texas authorities arrived. "It's a scary thing. He knew these people had a shotgun and he caught them within 20 minutes," said Knuston.

The police chief says he was just doing his job. This reminds people that in a small town, big crimes can still happen. "Remember to lock your doors at night, take your keys out of the ignition, lock your car although were a small community, crimes can happen here just maybe not as often as big cities," said Chief Tolle.

Now, more than ever, the store owner says she's planning to tighten security. "We're going to have cameras at the front door, at the drive-thru window. And I hate to do it in a small town, we just don't have a choice."

Police arrested 2 men -- Jimmy Smart of Hastings and Preston Glasgow of Temple.  The men will be extradited to Oklahoma from Clay County Jail in Texas. They are being charged with armed robbery.