Lawton child starts house fire

Lawton_Lawton firefighters said a child accidently set a home on fire Saturday afternoon in the 700 block of McKinley. They said the girl caught a rag on fire and threw it outside catching a pile of trash on fire. Her brother thought he put out the fire before leaving, but when the family returned home, their house was on fire.

The 10 year-old-boy said this is not the first time his sister has played with fire, but it is the first time it caught the house on fire. The boy said they were cooking a pizza and his 8-year-old sister was playing with the heat. "She was burning a sock and she burnt it and she threw it over there," said the boy.

He said she threw the flaming sock onto a pile of garbage on the back porch. "She laid it there and when she saw the fire coming, she threw it over there," said the boy.

She threw it in some dirt and he said he tried to put out the fire. "She came out and was throwing leaves on it and I was throwing dirt on it and scraping it with a stick." Because he thought the fire was out, he and his sister never told anyone. After leaving home for less than an hour, they never thought they would return home to a fire.

"The fire was on the back porch and it had exceeded and got up into the attic area. It has burnt the bedroom and a small portion of the attic," said Lawton's Assistant Fire Chief Jay Head.

The fire caused about $8,000 worth of damage, an expensive lesson for these two young kids. The little boy told 7 News he was telling his sister not to play with the fire from the get go, but now he knows to tell someone when there is a fire, not to cover it up or try to get rid of it by himself. He says he's learned his lesson, and hopes his sister did too.