Lawton women assaulted after nightclub argument

Lawton_Police say a night on the town ended with a pistol-whipping and kidnapping of two Lawton women last Saturday.  The two women said they were only having a good time and were not ready to leave a downtown club when one of their boyfriends and his brother pointed guns in their faces and told them to get in the car.

Lawton Police Captain Will Hines described the incident.  "The boyfriends wanted to leave.  The two girls didn't," he said.  "After meeting in the parking lot, it got heated and, according to the reports, the boyfriends pulled out guns and threatened to hurt and kill them if they didn't get in the car."

Hines says the girls reluctantly entered the vehicle, and were pistol-whipped, repeatedly elbowed in the face, and at one point one girl was knocked unconscious.  "It got even more heated when it became physical - threats were made to tie them up, taking them out to the county, doing some things to them," said Hines.

While one girl was still unconscious, the other said she could hear one of the men demanding that someone come and pick the girls up before he killed them both.  "We've got detectives looking into it, getting statements from the girls, and trying to find the suspects to have a word with them," said Hines.

By early Sunday morning, one girl was picked up by her friend near one of the men's homes, and she called the police.  The other eventually was taken back to her home.  Police say each of the girls' injuries were photographed and documented, and both were very afraid - even hesitant - to speak with police.  The investigation into the incident continues, but police say the suspects could be facing several charges, including kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon.

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