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7News investigates "recession-proof" jobs - Part 1

Lawton_With the current recession, it can be a cold cruel world out there, you know the bills don't stop coming in, and perhaps you are laid off by your employer or your salary is cut.  7News went hunting to see if there are any recession-proof jobs available. 

The health care field always has had to recruit workers, and while some professions are letting employees go, health care workers are in demand.  So, if you're out of work, and have been spending hours on the internet or reading the newspaper to find a new job, the health care industry may want you. 

While you will have to go to school to become a nurse, most hospitals will pay for you to get your degree, and Comanche County Memorial Hospital in Lawton is one of them.  "You can teach, you can work in critical care, you can work in offices, you can do community outreach - nursing is limitless to the possibilities," said Kathy Cooper with the University of Oklahoma College of Nursing.  "I started out as an LPN, went back to school, went to college, and became an RN," said Comanche County Memorial Hospital Registered Nurse Debbie Peeler.

Nurses get paid well, too - and, that's good in an economic downturn.  Many professionals are losing their jobs every day, but not nurses.  "You will be making very good money as a graduate nurse," said Peeler.  "That's the good thing about health care - people are sick, unfortunately, and always will be," she said.  "Our role is to help them get well." 

The hours may be long, but most nurses don't complain.  "I love it," said LPN Labrisa Streeter.  "It's 12-hour days.  You work three to three-and-a-half days, or whatever, a week and that's great.  It gives you extra time with your family.  There's so much out there in the nursing field, and any of the medical fields there is job security."

The average age for nurses is 47 which means that the profession will need to fill the jobs vacated by those retiring in a few years.  "We have a lot of people who are ready for retirement," said Cooper.  We need young nurses to come along, get their experience, and take our places."  Students enrolled in the OU Nursing Program at Cameron graduating this year know there are jobs waiting for them, and some know already where they will be working. 

Count on 7News to bring you stories about other recession-proof jobs that not only may get you back into the work force, but could also help improve your community. 

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