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Humane Society “Over 40” Campaign

Lawton_Press Release_The Humane Society of Lawton-Comanche County will assist people in financial need to neuter or spay their female or male dogs weighing over 40 pounds

Who is eligible?  People who do not have the financial means to neuter or spay their canine companions.

When:  This event runs from January 15-February 15 or until funds run out.

How can low income families take advantage of this offer?  They should call the Humane Society at 355 SPAY or 355-7729 and leave a message clearly stating their name, telephone number, and when they can be reached.  A Humane Society representative will return the call within 24-36 hours.

Purpose of this event: 

  • Reduce the number of unwanted puppies
    Reduce the number of animals wandering on the streets
  • To protect both adults and children from dog bites because 90%of recorded dog bites are from intact canines.
  • Reduce the number of dogs euthanized in the city shelter
  • Aimed at large dogs because they generally have larger litters an average of 6-10 puppies).
  • To protect both adults and children from dog bites because 90% of recorded dog bites are from intact canines.   
  • To increase the number of healthy dogs in our community because neutered or spayed dogs are healthier and make better pets.

Background:  The Humane Society of Lawton is a 501© (3) organization.  Our funding for this project comes from donations and a grant from an anonymous foundation.  Any donation to the Humane Society of food or money is a tax deductible donation.  Our mission is reduce the number of animals who die in shelters or on the streets by offering spay/neuter assistance to those people who cannot afford to neuter or spay their four legged friends.  If you would like to sponsor a spay or neuter for a local family, please call 355-SPAY or send your check to the Humane Society of Lawton/Comanche County; PO Box 3134; Lawton, Ok 73502

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