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7News investigates "recession-proof" jobs - Part 2

Lawton_Having a job that you know will be there tomorrow is more attractive than ever with the current economic climate.  What other recession-proof jobs are out there?  7News previously reported that the health care field - particularly nursing - always has jobs available.  The education profession also is always looking for individuals to lead future generations. Teachers must have certain skills and education to be hired.

Eisenhower High School English Teacher Amy Roose did not begin her working years as an educator.  "This is my second career choice - I started out as a lawyer," she said.  If you - like Amy - already have a degree, becoming a teacher will only take a short amount of time.  "If you are coming in as a second degree, and you have degrees under your belt, you can go into the masters program and spend a year learning how to be a teacher," she said.

However, if you do not already have a degree and are looking for a way to earn some money and make a change, teaching may be the perfect fit.  "You're helping build skills in students so they will be successful in the real world - you want to help produce competent citizens," said student teacher Hailey Meason.

Some say teachers' pay isn't that great, but in Lawton, teachers may be better off.  "We are luckier than some of the outlining schools we get a little more money each month than the norm."  And, while there may not be much job security in other fields, that isn't the case for teachers.  "I haven't been concerned about losing my job, or not having a job," said Edison Elementary Teacher Donna Catlin.  "I know that I have a place to come to every day."

You should have certain qualities if you are determining whether you want to be a teacher.  "...patient, loving and understanding - I think that they always need to have the children's best interest first."  One thing is for sure, the job isn't boring.  The two teachers agree that each day presents new challenges, and each year is like starting over again.

Lawton Public Schools says they look for certain characteristics when they hire teachers.  They look for someone with interpersonal skills, someone who is a go-getter, and someone who wants to work with children. 

For more information about teaching and nursing, please visit Cameron University's website at www.cameron.edu.

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