7News to switch off analog at 11:59PM Tuesday

Lawton_Your 7News signal is going digital at 11:59PM on Tuesday, February 17, and the old analog signal will be switched off.  Your TV may not get reception on Tuesday after midnight if you don't have a digital converter box.  Many stores in Lawton - such as Radio Shack and Wal-Mart - have been selling the boxes in recent days, but some Lawton appliance and electronics stores are not carrying them at all.

Brian Gosnell manages Rain's Appliance Store and says his store doesn't need to sell the boxes.  He says all new television sets in his store already have a digital tuner built in, and that many people don't want an extra box that will take up space.  "A lot of people don't want convertor boxes because it's something else to set on the television to clutter up their living room," he said.

Gosnell walked 7News through the steps required to get digital signals with no converter box.  He says viewers will have to use their television set's menu to change the input settings.  "You have to have some type of receiving source - be it rabbit ears or antenna - to hook your TV up to," he said.  In most cases Gosnell says consumers simply believe it's easier to purchase a new TV than using a converter box.  "We've had a few coming in asking for the boxes, and we explained we didn't have them," he said.  "Most people went ahead and purchased a television."

He says he knows many may miss the deadline, but he has advice.  "They better hurry, they've got another day.  That changes tomorrow at midnight.  If you don't have it and you receive your signal off of antenna then you're gonna lose your picture."  Gosnell says when Rain's installs a new television in someone's home, they will help with the settings for the digital signal.

If you have procrastinated and still are not ready for the digital conversion, visit www.kswo.com and click on the digital wizard for more information, or visit www.dtvanswers.com.  If you would like to be on the list for a converter box coupon, call 888-DTV-2009.