Odd smell leads to meth bust in Lawton

Lawton_A meth lab in Lawton was busted after police were called to investigate a strange chemical odor at a motel.  Police say that late Friday night they were called to the motel when the manager smelled something suspicious.  The manager said he wasn't sure what it was, but believed chemicals were involved and could be harmful to him and guests staying there.  Police say it was a good thing he called, and if he hadn't three suspects could have walked away or caused an explosion.

Meth users or sellers are attracted to smaller hotels because they don't want their own homes to be watched or their own families to be put in danger since the chemicals they use can cause an explosion.

Detective Mark Greer says police found a loaded syringe, pseudoephedrine, and clear tubing in the motel - but, that's not all.  "We found two HCO generators - they're items used in the manufacturing of meth," he said.  "They're used in the last stage of a cook."  Police say that what was even more disturbing was the five-gallon tank of anhydrous ammonia that they found sitting by a bed.  If the tank had ruptured or cracked, police say it could have been deadly.  "It will damage your lungs," said Greer.  "It will draw the water out of your lungs causing them to collapse.  It will draw the water out of your eyes, and turn them into raisins - it's very hazardous."

Greer says the unusual odor of meth helps put users behind bars.  "The manager detected a strong chemical odor which he felt like it was a hazardous situation to his business."  Police say they haven't had any problems with meth at that particular motel, but it is an issue at many others.  "They don't want to do it at home - they don't want to draw attention to their house," he said.  "They'll just move to other places such as motel rooms, hotel rooms, or even out in the country to do their cooks."

Greer says that once users or 'cookers' start cooking outside of their homes it becomes even more dangerous.  "It's a high danger to everyone, not only the manager - the site occupants around the motel, persons inside the motel.  It's hazardous.  The chemicals can kill you."

Police say the three people arrested have been arrested before on the same charges - each time, they say they plan on changing.  Police say their most recent meth busts have been made after people have reported suspicious odors.  They say that if you smell something unusual you should not hesitate to call the police.