Job-seekers may have to be less choosy with economic downturn

Lawton_In the current economic downturn, news of mass layoffs are coming almost daily.  So far, Lawton has avoided that.  A quick tour through the city on Tuesday shows that 'help wanted' signs are popping up at businesses all over town.  At the same time, the unemployment office also seems to be busy, and 7News wanted to know why it was so busy if there are jobs available.

Some of the available jobs might not be the ones those who are seeking employment normally might consider doing to earn money, but these are not 'normal' times.  Workers at the unemployment office say folks may just be being too picky.  Businesses near you may be hiring, but people still will visit the unemployment office.  "I see a whole lot of people coming in as far as unemployment goes," said Veronica Reed with Workforce OK.

It took just 15 minutes to locate four businesses that were hiring.  So, why was the unemployment office still full on Tuesday?  "Most of them are trying to get jobs in what they are qualified to do," said Reed.  "A lot of these people have degrees, and they can't find anything.  Then we have the ones that have special trade in things like carpenter, truck driver - things like that."

Reed says in the current economy sometimes you may have to take what is available, and not be too choosy.  "They might want to look at other jobs in the same field, and still look for what they want to do or are qualified to do," she said.  There could be consequences if you wait for the 'perfect job.'  "Once those bills keep coming, you probably have to change up a little bit."

The unemployment office still can help, but the individual job seekers may still have to work overtime just to find a job.  "They probably should go out and look on their own but they can still come in so we can tell them where they are hiring," Reed said.  She says that locally those doing the most hiring currently are labor, construction, sales, and secretarial positions.