Lawton Goodyear unsure whether there will be layoffs here

Lawton_The nation's recession could hit Lawton and the impact could be huge.  Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company is cutting 5,000 jobs.  Lawton's plant could not release official statements on the matter, so 7News called Goodyear's corporate headquarters in Akron, Ohio.

Goodyear Representative Keith Price says the layoffs can be blamed on the economy.  "Given lower industry demand, we are taking aggressive action," he said.  "We are reducing tire production, cutting costs, and adjusting investments to better match the market conditions. We included in our actions was nearly 5,000 job reductions globally during 2009," he said.  "We have not announced in details as to timing or location."

Price didn't say if the cuts would specifically in this area, but if they were, Cache Public Schools Superintendent Randy Batt says the effects would trickle down to his students.  "Approximately probably 400 of our students' parents or family members work at Goodyear, so that would affect them directly depending on how many were laid off," he said.

A portion of the schools' money comes from fundraisers, and the school raises approximately $450,000 per year.  If layoffs were made, and parents weren't working, it could directly impact the school district.  "They aren't going to be able to contribute to fundraisers, so that is a trickle effect," said Batt.  The effect could be bigger than most people may think.  "I would say they are right behind Fort Sill as far as having an economic impact on Comanche County," he said.

Again, as far as layoffs are concerned for this area, Price said he could not go into specifics.  Goodyear is not only focusing on cost reduction, it also announced it will be launching 50 new tire designs globally in 2009.  One of the products is the "Assurance Fuel Max Tire."  Goodyear says drivers will get better gas mileage by using this tire.