ATVs for kids 12 and under to be removed from store floors due to lead levels

Lawton_A new law - aimed at keeping kids safe from lead poisoning - has forced big changes for ATV dealers.  The stricter legislation forbids lead based items to be sold to kids and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) says ATVs have lead in the battery, metal alloys, and other parts.  Now, manufacturers are pulling them from the store floor in order to avoid being fined.

Yamaha Powersports Manager Jay Alexander says they have had to pull all of their ATVs targeted at children ages 12 and younger - and those ATVs provide a big chunk of his sales.  He says he has a back room full of children's ATVs, and is unsure what to do with them.  "They gotta take everything off the market, all brochures stopped, and they mentioned we should try and get it off the website," he said.

Alexander says he has some unhappy, and confused, customers.  "You know, we've had comments where people have said, 'Well, the kids don't eat the engines or anything.'"  He says the financial impact could be a hit for his business if the ban continues for much longer.  "If it gets into spring and summer, it could create some issues for the kids," he said.

It isn't only ATVs.  The new lead law includes at least 10-15 types of motorcycles - all ordered off the market.  "Motorcycles, ATVs, any scooters - anything designed for that age group is off the market," he said.  Alexander says he's in limbo lately waiting to hear more from the federal government.  "Just gotta be safe," he said.  "When the government comes out with a mandate, you gotta follow it."  Alexander says that they received the notice toward the end of January, and were told everything had to be removed from the store floor by February 10.

He also says that there could be a bad side effect to the new law.  Kids unable to get their own smaller-sized ATV could attempt to maneuver vehicles not intended for their size, which is not a good idea.  He says the consequences could be deadly. Count on 7News to keep you updated.