Fort Sill Apache Casino plans expansion

Lawton_Big plans for expansion are in the works at Fort Sill Apache Casino in Lawton. It wasn't long ago, they added a second floor to the casino. Now, the casino is branching outwards. They'll add restaurants, a hotel, and maybe even more. The property is 10 acres and staff said they have plans to fill it all up. By the end of the year, they said you'll be able to taste the best steak in town at their new restaurant.

If you've driven down East Gore, you've probably gotten stuck in the traffic. In the next week, the construction ends and more begins. Right now, the casino is surrounded by giant holes in the ground and piping that weighs several thousand pounds a piece--all to make room for Fort Sill Apache Casino's major growth plans. "We'll cover that up and it will become surface work. We're going to put this new parking over there, landscape and lighting, and then we'll have enough parking for the casino," said General Manager Darrell Nott.

They'll add a steakhouse, 3-course meal restaurant and more. Nott swears it'll be the best in Lawton, even all of Oklahoma. "And the fit and finish, the furnishings and the decor in there would match anything in Oklahoma. We're saying we want people that visit here, visit Dallas, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, to say it's the finest in the region." Next comes the hotel. "We're looking about 120 key hotel, we want to be sure we have enough to go to 150. Right now, it's 5 stories with the ability to go 6 and probably 20 percent of those will be suites. And we're designing them to be just a cut above what's in the market right now," said Nott.

That's not it. Those who get stuck behind cars turning in and out of the casino on Gore will be pleased for one more addition. "The city has agreed to give us longer turning lanes and probably reorient them slightly so they fit the entries and exits out here better and get us a streetlight out here just a little bit east of us." The turning lanes should be in in about 6 months. The restaurants are expected to be open this fall and construction will start on the hotel next spring.