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Lawton woman pinup for troops

Lawton_A Lawton woman is making a big impression with troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Paige Teakell - aka Cherry Laine - is putting together care packages for troops in the Middle East.  She and another woman have found a unique way to raise money to create the packages.  The two have started posing as 1940s style pinup girls. 

Teakell says it all started four years ago at a car show.  A photographer took her picture, and that picture turned into many more.  She now sells them and uses the money to purchase goodies for deployed troops.

The pinup girl photos have funded an all-American cause.  She says from that first photo taken, a friend spotted her in a magazine.  From there, she started going on modeling jobs.  "I was like, 'let's do something positive with it'," she said. 

Her husband is a soldier, and told her about soldiers in the Middle East who go without everyday items such as snacks, socks, or CDs.  The soldiers' needs became her cause, and Cherry Laine became her name.  "Last year we sent out over 1,000," she said.  "Every month our goal is at least 50 care packages."

In each box, Teakell includes one of her pinup photos.  "They put their lives on the line every day for us, and it's so small in comparison for what they do for us," she said.  Her husband doesn't mind, either.  "He gets a kick out of it," she said.  "He likes seeing things guys send to us."  She says he enjoys seeing all of the thank-you letters the troops send, but she says she's grateful for what they do - which is why she's on a mission.  "These troops definitely deserve it," she said.  "They need to know there are people back home who support them, and they're not forgotten back home."

Teakell's husband could soon be getting one of his own wife's care packages.  He is about to return to Iraq for his third tour of duty.  Teakell says she doesn't limit her support to packages, and next week will visit wounded troops in San Antonio. 
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