Lawton's new City Hall

Lawton_Thousands of people from Lawton have walked down the halls of the old Central High building as students. Soon they'll walk through just as citizens of the town. Lawton's new City Hall at the old Central High should be up and running by fall. The atrium is almost finished, complete with L.E.D. lights lining the elevators. There have also been some major additions outside and in, but there's still a lot more to come to the 65-thousand square feet.

"I'm excited about the building in the sense that it's a landmark for the community. It's an icon for the community. I think it's going to be a real anchor for our downtown all the work that we're trying to do in our downtown," said City Manager Larry Mitchell.

The old auditorium will be council chambers. It'll be restored to the same look as when Central was first built over a hundred years ago. Most of the hallways will stay the same too, lockers and all. So it will all be pretty surreal to old grads. "There are a lot of alumni who are very excited about the project and hopefully we'll be able to have some class reunions here and some social events and that sort of thing to really make the building a public building," said Mitchell.

With all this space, all city officials will have room in one building. "It's coming along, yeah it's taking shape, it's going to be interesting to see how it all works out."

The city manager told 7NEWS the city hopes the community will be able to use the buildings for conferences, workshops, and various other events. They want it to be a building everyone in town will be proud of.