OK doctors worry that new laws could change IVF industry

Oklahoma City_ The birth of the octuplets in California has put focus on the fertility industry.

"The vast majority of us that are in this business realize that it is not a victory to have six children or eight children. It is a defeat, a very bad defeat," Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr. Gilbert Haas, Jr. said.

There are currently no laws that state how many embryos to transfer into an individual, but there are guidelines set by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

"The current guidelines for the American Society of Reproductive Medicine say in someone under 35 you never should put back more than two," Dr. Haas said.

Doctors in Oklahoma City worry if laws are created the industry could change forever. But before laws are passed, stricter guidelines could be placed on doctors. "One of the pressures our national organization could put on someone who repetitively, or even singularly if it is gregarious enough, does not follow the guidelines is it could withdraw the certification," Dr. Haas said.