After 20 years, explosive device is removed

Lawton_The Fort Sill Bomb Squad removed an explosive device from a Lawton woman's front yard, after it sat next to the house for 20 years. It happened Monday on G Avenue, near Central Mall. The granddaughter of the woman who owns the house says her grandfather used to clean houses and that is how he got it. She says he brought the old round from an 8-inch howitzer home with him 2 decades ago.

The commotion started when Linda Jefferson says her grandmother heard a noise and went outside to see what was going on. A boy had moved the bomb from its spot of 20-plus years. "The next thing she knew there was a kid on a bicycle and rolling it around," said Jefferson.

She told him to get away from it and he ran off. Neighbor Curtis Dunlap says he knows the boy on the bicycle. "He just got a new cell phone and he [came] over and was showing us the cell phone and the next thing I [knew] he was out there in the yard and there [came] the policeman and the bomb guys."

The bomb team from Fort Sill removed the device, much to the relief of Jefferson and her grandmother. "It relieves us because no matter how much you're told it's not a live's always best the professionals find out for sure its not."

Lawton Police say if you see a bomb or anything even resembling one you should call them immediately and don't mess with it.