Ringling police force quits, Mayor follows suit

Ringling_The town of Ringling has no police chief or force as of Tuesday night.  They say they have had enough of all the arguing with city council, so they all turned in their badges.  They aren't the only ones - the Mayor has quit too.  He said it was difficult of a battle to fight when no one - including a good police department - could get anyone to back them up.

The chief said he hear their firings were going to be discussed again at another City Council Meeting on Wednesday night, but at one in the morning on Tuesday, the chief announced over the radio scanner that he and his reserve officers were quitting.

After heated council meetings for the last few weeks, both the police chief and mayor decided it was time to quit.  Police Chief Jeremy Wilson found out on Monday that he was under fire again for not responding to a gas spill.  "Supposedly Jefferson County dispatcher tried to get a hold of me several times - it never come across my phone.  My phone never rang from Jefferson County," he said.

Wilson was chief for just over three months, and he said in that short time he was constantly fighting for his job.  "It was either I didn't show up on time at the scene, I wasn't wearing the right attire - it was multiple things," he said.

Mayor Reid says he isn't sure who's going to run the town, but he has some advice.  "I feel like the people are going be running city business ought to have a level head , put cities business first , leave out personal feelings , and do what's right for the city," he said.  "I will continue to wear a badge, my wife said I was born to be a police officer, my mom trained me to be a leader so it's going to happen," said Wilson.  "It may not be in Ringling, it might be somewhere else."

Council Representative Terrie Blackwell and the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department say they plan to meet Thursday to determine how the city will be protected until a new force is hired.  Late on Tuesday, the Ringling  City Council decided to postpone Wednesday's meeting until Thursday.

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